Tim Berry


Thought Leadership: Building a people based company at scale driven by data, analytics and technology.

In this world of technology and big data, lots of companies are trying to build new platforms or software solutions.  Artificial Intelligence, automated marketing platforms or content management systems to name a few.  Too often, the power of what people can do in this arena is forgotten or minimized. 

At BLEND360 we believe having the right people is the key to making big data and technology successful.  The automated, “push a button” approach within marketing is short sighted and sub-optimal.  The key is bringing the people and the software/tech together to create extraordinary results. 

We have spent the better part of our lives building a people-based analytics, data and technology company.  Creating an environment where the smartest people can come together, exchange thoughts and ideas, develop a community and to use the powerful tools we have available to us impact our clients results. 

Thought Leadership Activities

  • Hiring and finding great people

  • Retaining great people

  • Creating a journey that people want to be a part of

  • Building a community for people to be a part of

  • Creating “front-room” analytics people

  • Training entry level talent