So many modules, so much data, so little time…


Here is what we hear from marketing leaders. Sound familiar?

  1. We have heavily invested in MarTech solutions, but we are not getting the expected ROI.

  2. The MarTech landscape is confusing. We think we have too much technology, but it’s hard to know what we really need.

  3. We struggle to get the right customer data, to the right place, at the right time


Many are failing to realize the full value of their MarTech investments. Underutilized or abandoned installations are commonplace. There is a lack of technical expertise, processes and structure.

BLEND-IN our tech and expertise with your assets and together we will navigate the landscape, powering up your tech stack and customer experience.


What we do


We make sure you have what you need from a MarTech standpoint to make that consumer connection happen.

We help optimize customer experience through advanced technologies, including Adobe. We deliver a high performing integrated technology stack powered by: personalization & decision engines, machine learning platforms, content management tools, defined rules and models.

Client Outcomes

  1. Expansion of technical expertise, processes and structure

  2. Enabled effective people based marketing across the full customer life-cycle

  3. Increased adoption, solution maturity and return



Leverage our solutions to power up your marketing stack

Proprietary BLEND360 Solutions include our signature 360° Audits, Optimization Playbooks, Road-maps, Stack Assessments, Architecture Diagramming and Data Privacy Regulation Readiness.

Our Solutions team focuses on your most pressing needs for business optimization and tech enabled analytics. Fundamentally we focus on changing the way you interact with customers.


Data Integrity and Management

Cleansing and standardization

Identity graphing and resolution


On-boarding and matching



Audits & Optimization

Audit and assess: tech stack, data, CX, Adobe

Gap analysis and best practice guidance

Roadmaps: define a plan and set priorities

Tagging services



Advisory Services

Processes, procedures and organizational alignment

Business requirements, Customer Data Platform (CDP) assessments, RFPs

Strategies: Channel/communication, measurement/KPIs/metrics



Adobe Solutions: We Create Value from your Existing Installation

Audience Manager: Full spectrum solutions ranging from management and governance, to audience creation, and omni-channel campaigns

Campaign: Operations, omni-channel orchestration and CX management

Analytics: Tag management, custom analytics and reporting, EC core service integration

Design, Build & Run strategies and integrations


How can our MarTech solutions team help you?