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Rich Pacini


Thought Leadership: Vertical Markets

Telecom/Media and Technology (TMT) companies have a wealth of data about their customers and their interactions.  Marketers at these companies are being asked to maximize ROI within their marketing budgets.  BLEND360 takes the wealth of data available and turns it into actionable insights to create more efficient acquisition campaigns, reduce churn, and increase cross sell.

Some say retail is in decline when perhaps it is more about the transition to an omni-channel experience.  Companies that have optimized the right mix of brick and mortar while integrating digital capabilities have found success.  BLEND360 enables those digital transformations and work with clients to increase sales and reduce costs.  We help these companies gain insights and become more efficient in their marketing and operations, thereby driving growth in customers, revenue and profitability.

Thought Leadership Activities

  • Optimizing customer acquisition, retention, and profitability

  • Leveraging data to gain customer behavioral insights

  • Curating omni-channel customer experiences