Patrick Hennessy


Thought Leadership: Building a people based company at scale driven by data, analytics and technology

My belief is in order to build a world class company at scale you must be passionate about the field you are in, be best in class in important areas, and have a meaningful impact for your customers. The essence of building a people based services company is to attract, train and retain people that are on a mission to be the best in their field.

In this new age we live in, there is an abundance of new technology and new data that companies can utilize to drive better customer experience and growth. However, the digital and data ecosystem is so complex, and the methodologies for marketing are so sophisticated, clients need expert help operating in this environment. In order to survive and thrive companies must operate at a high level in this ecosystem.

At BLEND360 we are passionate about:

  • The field of marketing, customer experience, and having an impact on our customers business;

  • Our practice areas of Data, Technology & Analytics;

  • Attracting and training talented people at all levels;

  • Helping our customers hit their goals and drive growth for their companies;

  • Having meaningful relationships with each other, our clients and our partners.

Thought Leadership Activities

  • Building a great company/division – Step one attract the very best talent you can

  • The people tree – how one great hire leads to many great hires

  • The importance of vision

  • Importance in our life about meaningful work and meaningful relationships

  • How to make bets on people

  • Developing great relationships with your customers

  • How to develop a killer value proposition

  • How to really engage your team in the mission, vision and purpose of your company/division