Pamela Veraart

Pamela Veraart


Thought Leadership: Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Loyalty is the wrapper where all Marketing effort, be it brand affinity, targeted marketing, to full touch point CX experience (including servicing and after-sale), come together. In this area, we’ll explore facets of loyalty:

  • What does it mean to be a ‘loyal’ customer?

  • Is it the frequency of visits? Share of wallet? Advocacy? Passion?

  • How do we know if we’re being efficient with our investments and incentivizing the right behaviors?

  • Are you rewarding your best customers for behaviors they’d do anyway, while ignoring the future best customers?

  • Should the same customers be incentivized and rewarded?

  • How do you uncover customer motivation and are you driving the right behaviors?

  • How are you organizationally focused on keeping their trust?

Good loyalty evaluation depends on robust data analytics and identifying the right KPIs. However, underlying all loyalty is the behavioral psychology of consumers and insights into intrinsic motivators.

Thought Leadership Activities

  • Strategies for clients to overcome challenges of engagement, retention and loyalty when their consumers are faced with so many options

  • Insights on maintaining loyalty