Maureen Haney


Thought Leadership: Sales Enablement & B2B Marketing

What an incredible time to be in MARKETING!  What on earth does that mean?  In the basic and traditional sense, marketing includes activities that involve building awareness of a company’s products/services, and making sure that the products/services are available.  This encompasses activities that may not immediately jump out as part of ‘marketing’ – such as Sales Enablement and Business Transformation.  And in today’s world, it also extends beyond traditional and digital strategies and tactics.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented/Virtual/Mixed/X Reality (AR/VR/MR/XR) are bringing new and exciting opportunities for businesses to create extraordinary marketing messages and experiences for their target audiences.

At BLEND360 we are passionate about extending what our clients can achieve on their own by engaging top talent across every aspect of ‘marketing.’   Let us show you how effectively we can BLEND-IN so that you STAND-OUT!

Thought Leadership Activities

  • Exploring beyond traditional marketing boundaries

  • Blending data, analytics, and marketing to bring clients full circle

  • Delivering extraordinary results through creative minds