Korey Thurber


Thought Leadership: Attribution

Being able to accurately measure and attribute success to marketing tactics was fairly easy when there were relatively few marketing channels, such as television, radio, print and direct mail in the 1960’s. With the advent of digital marketing, attribution is no longer simple, and is one of the most significant challenges facing marketers today.

  • The most significant attribution challenges are:

    • Understanding the impact of online channels’ ability to drive desired offline behaviors (e.g. campaign response, purchases. Etc.). Marketers want more clarity about cause and effect. How does a consumer’s interaction in one channel affect his or her’s interaction in another during the consumer’s journey?

    • Measuring online behaviors and interactions across screens and devices

    • Navigating the ever growing number of attribution solutions, tools and technologies, and determining which are legitimate and will generate insight you are confident in

    • Weighing the cost/benefit of each solution and determining which is the right choice for your business

Thought Leadership Activities

  • Solving attribution challenges for clients and providing “real” marketing applications and case studies.

  • Helping our clients and prospective clients make the decision that makes the most sense for them!