Joe Colletti


Thought Leadership: CX Tech Enablement & MarTech Stack

Being in and out of CMO's offices on a daily basis, I get to see where companies fall on the maturity scale of technology enabled customer experiences. What I find fascinating is how wildly different companies can approach the problem, and where their strategies take them in terms of execution.  What can often seem like the best approach internally to a company, can really fall flat with customers. 

Regardless of what C-suite I walk into, CX is one of their biggest challenges, yet one of their biggest opportunities if they can get it right.

At BLEND360 we assist clients to understand where they are on the maturity curve around Customer Experience. Using various techniques that include data integrity, audits and and strategic consulting Services our goal is to help create, implement, and thrill customers with best in class experiences.

Thought Leadership Activities

  • Optimizing technology enabled CX

  • Overcoming the major challenges of CX and customer engagement

  • Best-Practices in CX - CEO round up