Deborah Furey


Thought Leadership: Omni-Channel Enablement & CX Strategies

The phrase omni-channel is now a commonly used one. Many companies claim to be executing a strong omni-channel strategy, but my experience tells me that few companies really get this right.  With so many devices, data sources, platforms, and available ways to connect with customers, our ability in this day and age to truly find our customers at the right time is complex.  I have a firm belief that there is a way to effectively do this.  This is my passion.

At BLEND360 we assist companies in understanding how communications, messaging and offerings impact customer engagement and sales.  Using a proprietary framework for assessing, analyzing and benchmarking, we develop customer-centric experiences that are connected through data and analytics and delivered through strong digital and process facilitation. 

 Thought Leadership Activities

  • The new ‘normal’ for customer experience

  • When will companies get our of their own (silo-ed) way?