Harness the power of our data scientists for a measurable impact


Blending in our expertise will take your analytical sophistication to new highs using innovative machine learning techniques.

Experiencing the shortage of data scientists and analytics professionals? We help you fill that talent gap.

Need to focus on high priority projects that generate quick wins? We help you deliver on these and make a measurable impact on your business.


What we do


We deliver higher performance in our client’s addressable marketing programs using data, analytics and technology.


We unlock the value of our clients first-party, second-party and third-party data with Data Science and Technology.

We deploy our experts with deep analytics and marketing knowledge to complement the in-house team and generate sustainable business impact.

We advance omni-channel marketing capabilities with our strategy and activation approach.


How we do it


Full Spectrum Data Science and Analytics capabilities that power all aspects of the evolving people based marketing landscape.


We Identify and Deliver the Most Valuable Data Sources

Data Access, Evaluation and Integration

Data Optimization Lab


Onboarding and Matching



We Identify and Deliver the Most Valuable Customer Targets

Audience Development

Channel & Touchpoint Optimization

Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning

Multivariate Test Design & Statistical Analysis



We Create Decisioning for the Most Effective Campaign Strategies

The right channels, the right offer, the right message, at the right time



We Activate Audiences to Reach them Where they Are

Activate the Best Omni-channel Campaign Across the Addressable Media Ecosystem

Partner Ecosystem includes leading addressable platforms like: Spotify, Pandora, Linked-in, Xander, Google, Facebook, and more…



We Measure so you can Tell your Story

Business Intelligence and Dashboarding

Performance Measurement

Attribution and Marketing Mix Optimization


BLEND360 Frameworks

Powering Marketing Organizations to do more, better, faster.


Refinery 360: Audience Engine Designed to Power Addressable Marketing

A holistic, end-to-end solution that incorporates all omni-channel, addressable marketing capabilities in one pre-built framework.

Clients are using the Refinery 360 to:

  • Get a complete view of their audience

  • Optimize omni-channel campaigns

  • Engage your high value customers

  • Maximize the ROI of your marketing investments.

It is all about ensuring you have the best data, the best and most valuable audience and the best campaigns, to achieve the best results possible.


Our Unique Approach


No Black Box: Transparency is critical for checking model soundness and ability to put into production. We include our partners in this process. No surprises at hand-off.

Focus on Impact: We focus on quick wins and creating business impact for our clients. We use an unbiased, analytical approach to data.

BLEND360 Inside: We work inside our clients’ firewall if desired, so no sensitive data needs to be transferred.

Build – Operate – Transfer: Knowledge transfer to in-house team is a key to long term client success.

Speed to Market: We will hit the ground running and deliver quickly to create robust deliverables using our pre-built solution templates and platforms like Refinery 360.


“Client Buzz”

Numbers tell a story. Common results from our clients include:

Increased Response Rate by 67% using our predictive models and high value data.

Saved over $1MM in annual data costs through smarter data sourcing decisions.

Reduced report delivery time from days to hours and increased user adoption by 200%


How can our Data Science solutions team help you?