Adam Sobol- Head of Marketing and Head of People

Adam heads up the two areas of BLEND360 that he holds a lot of passion for. 

With over 2 decades of experiences building, operating, and growing businesses (mostly within Global brands), Adam’s diverse functional and cultural experiences are ideal for us in creating and growing our Brand, and the culture within we want to excel.  

Adam’s background spans multiple industries and continents, with his most recent role before joining BLEND360 being VP, Acquisition, Growth, and Loyalty Marketing at American Express.  Adam has vast experience in Financial Services and Telecommunications specifically.

Outside of work, Adam can be found at live music events, art galleries, working out, eating well, or just hanging on the couch with his partner and puppy.

Why BLEND360

For me BLEND360 represents an opportunity to build something, and build it right.  We are a rapidly growing company with a great leadership team and a great emerging culture that wants to help customers win the day, the battle, and the war.   We are all about growth, period! For our customers, and for us.

How I impact our clients

By building our company culture, employee experience, and creating an environment where our people can excel, it really allows the talent within our organization to step up and delight our clients every time.

Adam Sobol