At the Heart of BLEND360’s Culture is Our Passion for People



What makes a great culture? The right people!

Our Philosophy…people will always be the heart of our business.

Culture is EVERYTHING! And we want a great one! Here’s what we want:

  • The best and most energized people…period!

  • An environment that attracts and retains extraordinary individuals and enables them to share in our success

  • Passionate employees and consultants driving legendary results for our clients, making them look like superstars

  • A dynamic team that is innovative, disruptive and entrepreneurial

  • Empowered trendsetters with the flexibility to make decisions, take some risks and be creative

  • People who refuse to lose

  • A collaborative environment where we have fun and develop personal friendships…but also share the “Brutal Truth”

If you think this is you, then maybe we are meant to be together.


A culture of work and play…

smart people can have fun too!


Our Values

Our core values create the type of environment that make people want to come to work on Monday morning!

Realizing POTENTIAL…celebrating the WINS….all with a true sense of COMRADERY.

Together we accomplish more!


Meet some of the BLENDologists


Experts in their field, they practice the BLEND way - that combination of science and art, with the innate ability to blend together work, fun, passion, inspiration, potential, comradery, friendship, support and more. They love to win and reach their full potential.