Our clients outperform the competition and surpass industry average ROIs.

We get really excited about driving our clients’ ROI, building solutions that can impact their results. That’s what gets us jazzed.
— Tim Berry, Co-founder, President

“Client Buzz”

BLEND360 helped me reach my growth objectives. Not only did my cost per acquisition decrease substantially, enabling me to grow faster, with the same budgets...but I outperformed the competition!
Love working with BLEND360....they make things happen. I needed a team to launch a new product. They needed to be cohesive and ready to hit the ground running. They also needed to already be familiar with the inner workings of my company. They gave me a team that integrated into my organization quickly..I managed them and they delivered enabling me to beat my go-to-market deadline.
With the BLEND360 approach, I was able to integrate new data sources, I would have otherwise not had access to. This gave me a phenomenal view of who my customer ‘really’ is. The precision achieved in knowing exactly how, when and where my customer makes decisions, enabled marketing campaigns that were highly relevant and drove engagement.